U.S. War Dogs Association

Their training is intense; their working conditions are deplorable; their lives are always on the line; and in at least one case, namely Vietnam, their rewards were non-existent. This profile describes the most innocent and vulnerable of combat veterans-our Nation’s War Dogs.

U.S. War Dogs Association

Thank you for your service!


How to clean your dog’s ears

I recently had problems with my ears. My master did not check my ears as he should have. It’s a simple thing to do and it should be performed on a regular basis.

Here is a good article (link) on eHow about cleaning the ears.

Halloween Haiku

Trick or treat tonight
children taunt me at the door
Peppy wants candy

Falling leaves are cool
brown leaves stick to my black hair
I bring them inside

It’s tough guarding the house during Halloween. But, I can do it, because, I’m a big dog.

Stinky shoes make good pillows

I, personally, enjoy the smell of my master’s stinky shoes. However, I understand that many humans  find stinky shoes to be unsuitable for bedding.  Hence, I will use this example to discuss doggie karma.

You make your bed, you sleep in it. Karma is a bitch. If you lead the life of a good dog, it will show.  A good dog gets the yummies.

Excuse me, it’s time for my nap.

Sunday or sausage day?

Many of you call it Sunday, but I call it sausage day. The family gathers together on Sunday for breakfast. My master spent the evening cleaning up in anticipation. I guess that he wants to impress them.

Mama cooks sausage, eggs, and chicken. If I am a good doggie I get a sausage. I was a good dog, except for biting Willy once.

My sausage Haiku

Fall Sausage breakfast
hot, greasy, meaty, goodness
can’t wait til next week

Yummy sausage day

Saturday morning fly in the coffee mug

We stayed up late last night because my master wanted to watch some late night TV. He enjoys Ghost Adventures. I awoke to a nice crisp chilly morning.

Knowing that my master would not want to sleep late and miss everything, I scratched on the bed until he woke up. What would he do without me? Silly human. Besides, I needed a walk.

The morning was excellent, even my master seemed to enjoy it until a fly committed suicide in his coffee. He used words that I have only heard after pooping on the floor.

My Haiku to a dead fly …

Fly in the coffee
You will never fly again
No one is happy

Doggie Haiku

When I am not guarding the front door, I like to express my creative side. Here are a few of my Haiku.

I love my master
so I must roll in bird poo.
He will like the smell

He chats with a girl.
Why does he ignore me so?
I must fart right now!

Oh, elusive squirrel
stay out of my yard dumbass
I will bite that tail.

A sunny window
a warm, soft, restful carpet
I wait for Barry