President’s Day

I hope that everyone is enjoying a nice President’s Day. I know I am …


Turkey and beans chili

Today the family visited. It is sausage day.

Later I had a small taste of Turkey and Beans Chili…

My haiku to Turkey and beans chili —


Warm spicy turkey

my bird of choice hold the beans

what was that odd sound?


I just know that someone is going to blame me for that …

Post Thanksgiving

I barked when the family arrived and I barked when they left. I ate plenty of turkey and almost anything else that hit the floor. It was a good day.

Turkey Haiku

Autumn’s tasty bird

fill my belly with delight

I am happy tonight

My master thinks that he runs this house. You don’t see me putting paper on the floor for him.

When-you-gotta-go Haiku

This morning he yells

I missed the papers last night

Hey, speak to the paw